Left to right: Shri Jayant Chaudhary, Shri. Abani Roy MP, Shri. Prakash Javedkar MP, Shri. Madhu Goud Yaskhi MP
Thursday Briefing Sessions for the Honourable Members

Constitution Club of India(CCI) organises the Thursday Briefing sessions for the honourable members of the Parliament during the session period in partnership with the PRS Legislative Research (PRS) in the club premises.

Madhu Goud Yaskhi , Member of Parliament from Nizamabad(Andhra Pradesh) Lok Sabha constituency is the convener of the programme while Shri Jayant Chaudhary, Member of Parliament from Mathura(Uttar Pradesh) Lok Sabha constituency is the co-convener.

The objective of the programme is to evolve a apolitical discussion forum of the lawmakers to discuss, share and interpret the legislative business listed for the upcoming week in both houses of Parliament . The initiative, a brainchild of the Governing Council of CCI and run by the Program and Research Division, was run as a pilot programme during the 2010 monsoon session of Parliament and saw a regular participation of around a dozen honourable members. For more details about the initiative please contact CCI administration office or mail researchdivision.cci@gmail.com

FACES OF INDIA: A Photography Exhibition (AUG 14- AUG 17)

Constitution Club of India organised a four-day solo photography exhibition by travel photographer Roby Das on the occasion of Independence Day. The theme of the exhibition was “Faces of India: Unity in Diversity”. The exhibition aimed to showcase the images of people from across the country showcasing different culture, tradition, clothing habits etc. This photography exhibition is part of the Constitution Club of India’s initiative to encourage young talents working in the field of strengthening the unity in diversity of the Nation. The 4 day exhibition started on 14th August and was inaugurated with the lighting of the traditional lamp by honourable member of CCI Governing Council Mrs. Maya Singh, Member of Parliament from Madhya Pradesh. Talking on the occasion, Mrs. Singh stressed over the need to develop CCI as a centre for promotion of various art forms showcasing the vibrancy of rich Indian heritage. For more details about the initiative please contact the CCI administration office or mail researchdivision.cci@gmail.com
Hon. Mrs. Maya Singh MP inaugurating the photography exhibition along with Hon. Mr.R.P.Rudy MP and Mrs. Rudy


Legislative assistance for the lawmakers value addition to their vital job have been a long pending demand as well as need. Realizing the concerns of the members, The Legislative Assistance for Members of Parliament (LAMP) program has been initiated as a partnership between the Constitution Club of India (CCI) and PRS Legislative Research (PRS), the premier agency for legislative research in the country which has designed LAMP. The very idea of providing LAs or assistants to lawmakers dawned upon one of CCI member Shri Kalikesh Singh Deo, Member of Parliament from Bolangir(Orissa) Lok Sabha constituency during one of his foreign tour as a lawmaker. He is now the convener of the LAMP program.

This year 2010-11 program of LAMP is conceptualized as a pilot program and holds the potential to expand in the coming years based on the feedback of the honorable members. For more details about the initiative please contact the CCI administration office or mail researchdivision.cci@gmail.com