WHEREAS the Constitution Club of India was opened in february 1947 with the objectivs & purposes of fostering
social contacts and providing usual amenities of a club life for the benefit of the members of the Indian Constituent Assembly. AND WHEREAS the Constitution Club of India has effectively emerged as a enviable forum providing platform for interacton amongst the Past & Present member of Parliament. AND WHEREAS it has been found expedient to constitute a Society for the furtherance of its main aims and objectives. NOW Therefore, we the Signatories to this Memorandum of Association have agreed to form this sociaty by the name "CONSTITUTION CLUB OF INDIA" hereinafter referred as Club and to register it under the Societies Registration Act 1860.



1. To foster and inculcate the interest, awareness and importance of Politics and its institution in India and abroad with its special emphasis and significance towards past and present members of Parliament.
2. To Educate,disseminate and exchange knowledge and experiences of people from vaious walks of life for the promotion and development of political, democratic and Parliamentary activities and its institutions.
3. To strengthen and spread awareness of democratic form of governance through out the world in the cooperation with International Organizations engaged in such field.
4. To Undertake arrange and organize ,functions, conferences, seminars, Lectures, public debates, exhibitions shows, meetings, events, contests & concerts etc for the purpose of promoting under standing and amity between different communities & people in India.
5. To establish maintain and provide facilities for games & sports, reading rooms, libraries, information services, recreational activities Halls, Studios, Restaurants etc for the general benefit of the members & guests.
6. To offer & Grant awards, prizes ,scholarships, facilities and other monetary/non monetary privileges and benefits to any persons, scholars, leaders, scientist & artists who may or may not be the members of the club.
7. To Undertake , facilitate, provide and/or publish papers, newsletters, books, magazines, journals for the exposition of varied Socio political & cultural patterns prevailing in the different parts of the country.
8. To establish, maintain and organize residential accommodations, hostels and all such amenities, common services for the benefit of its members & guests. v 9. To invest and deal with funds and moneys of the society or to transpose such investments from time to time.
10. To Purchase or otherwise acquire or take on the lease or hire in the Union Territory of Delhi or outside, temporarily or permanently, any movable or immovable property necessary or convenient for the furtherance of the objects of the Society.
11. The Sell mortgage, lease ,exchange and otherwise transfer or dispose or deal of with all or any property, movable or immovable, of the society for the furtherance of the objects of the society.
12. To Construct, repair maintain ,alter, improve or develop any buildings or works necessary or convenient for the purposes of the society.
13. To undertake and accept the management of any endowment or Trust fund or donation with objects similar to the objects of the Society.
14. To provide forum, study centers to persons keen on learning parliamentary form of Government and to interact with such other institutions in India, and aboard.
15. To cooperate and collaborate with other national or international Institutions in furtherance of the objective of the Club.
16. To Constitute or cause to be constituted Regional centers at convenient places to promote the objectives of the Club.
17. To establish a provident fund for the benefit of the employees of the Society.
18. To promote, provide, conduct, maintain, operate, engage, execute and co-ordinate charitable and philanthropic activities such as prevention, eradication and controlling of poverty, illiteracy and pollution, emancipation of weaker sections of the societies and all such welfare activities in India.
19. Do all such other lawful activities as the Club considers conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objectives.
20. To Promote, inculcate, nurture and augment intellectual, creative and professional skills/capabilities of Members of Parliament aimed towards enhancement and enrichment of r individual /collective performance in and outside the Parliament. Further, to work as a forum/pressure group which can recommend action/policy formulation on specific issues which are felt important/urgent to be adopted/ pursued by the Parliament/Union Government of India.